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Wachusett Dumpster Rental
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Wachusett Dumpster Rental
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Recycle Program:

For your convenience we will accept these items at a slight cost - It’s a small price to pay to save the planet. (All of the other junk in your bin will be properly recycled at no extra cost as part of our residential & environmentally friendly service.)

Additional Recycling Costs ($40 each if not otherwise specified)


**Hazardous Waste Penalties - Please keep in mind, upon inspection and tarping bin, if any hazardous or restricted item is seen, it will be removed and left on premises. If items are not seen until unloading and disposing, the customer will be responsible for any additional charges imposed by the disposal sites.

Bins are NOT to be filled past wall height. If filled too high, bin will not be picked up and extra fees may be charged for overfilling, as well as a second pick up attempt.

Please book your bin 24 hours in advance to ensure delivery when needed. Payment is required upon Bin order. MasterCard, VISA AMEX, and Discover accepted. Bins will be picked up within 24-48 hours of your call.

Additional Recycling Resources

Habitat for Humanity
637 Lancaster St.
* pick up available

Salvation Army
* pick up available
* receipt for donations/tax deductible

All American Recycling
15 Oak Hill Rd.
* pick up available
* excellent resource for electronics of all types
* great for freon appliances, i.e. refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers

Wachusett Watershed Recycling
131 Raymond Huntington Blvd.
West Boylston
* resource for Wachusett towns and West Boylston
* thrift store
* low pricing on recyclables inc. mattresses
* the volunteers are friendly and helpful

* recycling via type of item and zip code
* vast resource for general recycling

* drop off locations by type of item
Areas Serviced Include, Among Others:

Clinton Dumpster Rental | Gardner Dumpster Rental | Holden Dumpster Rental | Leominster Dumpster Rental
Lunenburg Dumpster Rental | Marlborough Dumpster Rental | Twin Cities Dumpster Rental | Westford Dumpster Rental


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